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oods! Where did you come fro▓m she cried and burst into tears. Lyo▓n held his breath in suspense, but it

solute. We we

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re trying to es●cape, she said. From whom Th▓at terrible detective.He had found Mrs.Brough▓ton.He went to see her yesterday and told▓ her-- She stopped abruptly, and▓ a shudder shook her visibly. ▓What did he tell h

  1. er In charity, let me ▓know. He told her she would have to app▓ear as a witness at the trial and give▓ testimony against me.

    Agai▓nst you! The room reeled before Lyon's eye▓s, but he pulled himself together▓.Let me dismiss your carriage and t▓hen you must tell me what

    you mean.I▓t was wild of you to try to run away.In the fi●rst place, you would not be able ●to take any train without being stopp▓ed.The police kn

  2. o●t what I have a right to expect of my ●wife.I have reason to demand an explanati●on. The tears were still sparkli●ng on Mrs.Broughton's lashe

    s, but she looked ▓up at him with a steady glance. I● am not your wife, she said quietly. ●CHAPTER XX THE surprising stateme▓nt made by Mrs

    .Broughton was in fact ▓so surprising that it was difficult for▓ her hearers to grasp at once what was involv▓ed in it. What do you mean ●asked


Broughton.But already the sternness of● the righteous judge began to drain awa●y from his face, leaving instead the● uneasiness of the lover who has n▓o ground on which to make a clai▓m of rights.You say--what do you mean

  1. ▓That she meant something was very clear,● and Lyon, glancing swiftly ●at Miss Wolcott, saw that to her, at le▓ast, the meaning w

    as quite plain.She was trou●bled, anxious, but not surprised.● Indeed, it was she who now took the situ▓ation in hand. If you will come i●nto the

    library, we can talk● without arousing my grandfather, ▓she said, in guarded tones.If▓ he hears voices he will come down, and then▓-- It was u

  2. nnecessary to complete th●e sentence.They followed her into the library▓, and she closed the great doors softly.Brou▓ghton was still lo

    oking dazed.Mrs▓.Broughton, who had not spoken since she mad●e the startling declaration that she was● not his wife, sank into a low chair.He●r ey

    es were lowered and her hands▓ were pressed hard together, bu●t there was steadiness and self-con●trol in her attitude.Lyon drew ●a little apart w

  3. here he could observe them bot●h. Are you strong enough to tell them● your story, or shall I asked Edith Wolc▓ott, quietly. No,

    no, I mus▓t tell him.That at least is his ▓right--and mine, Mrs.Broughton answere●d quickly.She freed herself from her● wraps, and turned toward

    Woods Broughton.Du●ring all that followed she looked straight ▓at him, talked to him.The others in the roo▓m did not seem to enter her consci▓ousnes

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s.It was obvious that her one ▓concern was to be understood by the ma●n she loved. When you first met me,● she said, you knew that though▓ I was not living wit


h my husband, there was▓ no legal separation.He had been away from m●e so long that I did not think of him very often▓, and had long ceased to consider that I had


any▓ wifely obligations to him.Bu●t legally I was his wife. You got a di▓vorce before we were married, sa▓id Broughton, staring at her. She we●nt on with her story as

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though he ●had not spoken. The only g▓round on which I could obtain ▓a divorce under the laws of this● state was that of desertion.Do you▓ understand I could make no other charge▓ against him.Unless I could secure a ●separation on that ground, I could not get one a●t all.I could not marry again. ●Yes, but he had been away twelv●e years.That surely was suff●icient. He had been away twelve years●, but--he did not wish t

o give me an opportunit●y to get my freedom.So--he wrote to m▓e from time to time. He wr▓ote to you! What of that It▓ was enough to defeat the claim of dese●rtion.He would always offer to provide▓ a home for me if I would come and live w●ith him.He did not ex

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